Harriet’s Workshop at Alastair Currill Photography

Hello, my name is Harriet and I have been doing work shadowing with Alastair Currill photography. During this time, I have joined him on several workshops in places such as the Cotswold Lavender fields and Lower Slaughter, setting up and helping out as well as learning along with the others on the courses. The shoot at the lavender fields gave me the opportunity to learn about taking photos outdoors both with and without studio lighting as well as what it was like to work in a different environment to what I am used to. I was happy to have been able to experience an outdoor photoshoot with a model and take some of my own photos. In contrast, the Lower Slaughter workshop took place on a slightly grey day, but the morale stayed high with the opportunity to take our own photos of a beautiful place while learning the key components of photography. All of the different elements to make a good photograph were explained well and we were able to understand what it is like to take a photo using manual, being in control of how it looks.

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