Star Trails at Lower Slaughter

Another blog post from Lower Slaughter, this time at night!Our star trails workshop are very last minute due to needing the perfect night sky conditions, On Thrusday we headed out with Thomas who had a voucher with us for the workshop. We nearly had a full moon that lit up the Old Mill for us and we captured some stunning star trails as seem below. The workshop covers

Shooting in Full Manual Mode (Overview)
Equipment Needed
Lighting Conditions
Long Exposures
Light Painting
Photoshop light stacking 

Editing workflow.
Equipment Needed
Outdoor clothing
DSLR or Mirrorless Camera (If you have a spare battery please bring full charged)
Shutter release cable (remote also fine to use)
Laptop with Photoshop installed
Wide angle lens (less than 35mm if unsure please ask)

If you would like to attend our next workshop please drop us a message or email to

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