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Group shoots and Events 

If you are looking to build up your portfolio and learn something new these are perfect for you. We regularly host themed photo shoots on location and at our studio with professional and local models consisting of various styles, themes and looks. 

On our group shoots we have a fun and creative atmosphere where you can try out ideas, learn something new and meet like-minded photographers. These are often hosted on a Friday or Saturday evening but due to wedding can be on week day evening from 7-10pm. 

Each group shoot will have 5 photographers to give everyone plenty of time to shoot with the model 1:1, camera settings are given you to and help is on hand the whole time. We do have a regular group of attendees who will also make you feel welcome when you are with us. 

If you would like to attend but can not come to the studio please do not panic we have a professional tethering system set up using a Nikon Z6 but more information can be found on our studio page. 

If you are interested in attending please drop us a message and also click on our FACEBOOK GROUP to join. 

If you are unable to attend in person we do have tethering available at no extra cost. We are able to shoot remotely from anywhere in world. All images taken on the event will be emailed to you within a 48 hour period of the event. All images are shot in RAW format. To find out more please click on our studio page 

Events Coming Up 

22nd January - Gold Leaf Make up with Gemma 7-10pm £65 (2 spaces)  

23rd January – Gold Paint with Anna Ruxx 7-10pm £70pp (SOLD OUT)  

27th January – Heavy Metal Fashion with FONIC 7-10pm £70pp (2 spaces left)  

28th January – Plastics with Lottii Rose 3-6pm £60pp (4 spaces available)  

30th January - Daniella Carter 7-10pm £70pp (1 space left) 

4th February - Rosa Brighid 10-2pm  £95pp

5th February - Bobbi Castle 7-10pm £65pp (2 spaces left)  

4th March - Gel lighting with Ana ruxx £65pp (SOLD OUT)  

5th March - Ice Queen with Gemma £70pp (2 spaces left)

8th March – Gold Paint with Anna Ruxx 7-10pm £70pp (SOLD OUT)

11th March - Corsets with Leah Axl £65pp (2 spaces left)

15th March - Gold Paint with Anna Ruxx 7-10pm £70pp (SOLD OUT)  

23rd March- Egyptian theme with Tegan Elizabeth £175pp 10-5pm

8th April - Sam Jaz Group Shoot |£70pp 7-10pm (3 spaces available)

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